Pedestrians, Crossroads, Roundabouts: Forward blind spots are dangerous

The Panoramic Windshield dramatically improves our and others' safety.

Passenger safety is of primary importance in modern automobiles. Vehicle construction and design is meant to minimize passenger injuries in case of an accident. A critical element of modern vehicles is the front pillar construction to which the windshield is attached. The main role of the front pillars is to safeguard the structural integrity of the passenger cabin in case of a collision. In addition, the pillars provide a housing for oblique air-bags and, finally, they are used as the frame of the windshield

The dual role of the front pillars as a reinforcement and housing construction has resulted in a continual increase of their size. Thus, the driver faces two forward, oblique blind spots. These blind spots are significant and, because the vehicle operator cannot see everything within the range of the vehicle’s forward motion, they increase danger of a collision when the vehicle is in motion. The probability of a collision is higher at crossroads as well as at roundabout circulation.

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